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Queen's Regimental Association Chichester Branch




The qualifying period for award of the Accumulated Campaign Service Medal has just been reduced from 3 years to 2 years.

The ACSM was instituted to recognise individual repeat operational service in those theatres where the General Service Medal (1962) with clasp was awarded since 14 August 1969.

The Medal will remain unchanged but a new ribbon will be awarded.

Full details are on the MOD web site CLICK HERE

An application form can be downloaded HERE


The Elizabeth Cross

We have been given some information about the award of the Elizabeth Cross to next-of-kin of those killed on active service or as a result of terrorism since 1948. Next of kin will receive the Elizabeth Cross plus a memorial Scroll signed by the Queen which will bear the name of the person who died.

Full details, including eligibility criteria and details of how to apply, are at the MOD medals web site [CLICK HERE]

If any branch widow or other next of kin of someone who was killed on active duty needs help in claiming, please contact either David Tilley or Eddie Drew and we will do what we can to guide you through the paperwork!


ARMY 2020

Details of the recent announcement of reductions to the Army and how it is to be re-organised are now on the web site. Click to read:


Old Newsletters

The old newsletters (PWRR "Tigers In Touch" and from Mike Collins) that we no longer receive are stored here for your reference.

They are in Adobe pdf format, and if you don't have the Adobe Reader software you can download a free copy here

or you can download the much smaller (and better in my view) Foxit pdf reader from

(Some newsletters are quite big and may take a while to download, so be patient!


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